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Permit Applications

We take the protection of the environment and our culture very seriously. The ability to control access is a cornerstone of our law and culture and fundamental to our capacity to protect our natural resources for the betterment of our people. All funds generated through this permit system go towards providing employment opportunities of our people and funding natural resource management projects


Access and Fishing permits
  • Permit valid for all passengers in the vehicle
  • Permit allows access to and fish in the Gangalidda - Garawa country
  • Permit holders must leave the Gangalidda - Garawa country by 8pm
Camping permits
  • Permit valid for the duration of the stay selected
  • Permit allows access to the Gangalidda - Garawa country
  • Permit includes the authority to fish for all passengers
  • A maximum of 7 nights can be booked at the same campsite.

Payment & Delivery

  • 1 night - $35 per vehicle
  • 2 nights - $50 per vehicle
  • 3 nights - $60 per vehicle
  • 7 nights - $110 per vehicle
eWay Information

After completing the application and payment has been succesfully processed, you will, within a few minutes, receive an email confirmation from Gangalidda & Garawa Services Pty Ltd with the permit.


Gangalidda and Garawa Services Pty Ltd

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