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Access and Fishing Permits

W e take the protection of the environment and our culture very seriously. The ability to control access is a cornerstone of our law and culture and fundamental to our capacity to protect our natural resources for the betterment of our people. All funds generated through this permit system go towards providing employment opportunities of our people and funding natural resource management projects.

Types and Cost

  • One Day Permit - $25 per vehicle
  • 7 Days Permit - $50 per vehicle
  • 2 Months Permit - $100 per vehicle
  • 6 Months Permit - $150 per vehicle
  • 12 Months Permit - $250 per vehicle

What do I need to know

  • There are no refunds for a partially used Permit
  • The Fishing And Access permit is valid for all passengers in the vehicle
  • The Fishing And Access permit allows access to the Gangalidda - Garawa country
  • Fishing And Access permit includes the authority to fish in the Gangalidda - Garawa country
  • Fishing And Access permit holders must leave the Gangalidda - Garawa country by 8pm
  • All Burketown residents require a permit but no charges apply.
    Application in person at the Burketown Visitor Centre (or CLCAC office).
  • All residents must abide by the permit conditions.